Who We Are

The Southwest Missouri All Hazards Incident Support Team was created to assist local jurisdictions during large scale emergency incidents. The team is made up of 77 highly trained and experienced individuals that have come together to provide assistance to requesting jurisdictions in Southwest Missouri.  Many have over years of experience in emergency services fields and others are technical experts in GIS, communications, public works and other related fields.

Team Governance

The Southwest Missouri Incident Support Team is governed by a 13 member administrative leadership team. Those listed on the below Administrative Organization Chart provide many hours of behind the scenes work to provide guidance, training, and deployment support in order to keep the SW MO IST ready to respond at a high level at any time.

Team Structure 3-1-17


Being trained and practiced at a high level is vital when one is going to provide assistance.  The SW MO IST strives to be valuable and credible by implementing the Missouri Incident Support Team credentialing system.  The team’s credentialing process is designed to build and sustain a qualified and credible team that is prepared and skilled at implementing the National Incident Management System at incidents from local jurisdictions to disasters of national significance.

All team members must complete a serious of training courses which include 6 National Incident Management System (NIMS) training courses, the Type III All-Hazards Incident training (five days), and two Incident Command System (ICS) Position Specific courses (four days).  After completing these courses, team members request to begin a position specific task book (i.e. Operations Section Chief, Supply Unit Leader, etc.)  These task books come from the United State Fire Administration and contain up to 80 specific tasks team members must show competency in while on a deployment.  The supervisor of the team member is authorized to sign each task when competency is demonstrated.  After a minimum of three deployments, team members that have shown competency in all tasks may submit their task books to the Missouri Credentialing Committee of the Missouri Fire Marshall’s Office.  The committee reviews the task books, along with the required supporting documentation, and approves or disapproves the team member as a credentialed team member within the requested position.

The total process can take several years.  We believe this to be critical in gaining the experience and self-confidence in fulfilling an assigned position on a deployment.