How do I request SW MO IST?

You may request the Southwest Missouri IST by contacting the Region D Mutual Aid Coordinator, or the State Mutual Aid Coordinator with the Missouri Fire Marshal’s office.



What can I expect from SW MO IST?

The Regional Mutual Aid Coordinator will contact the on scene Incident Commander and discuss the needs of the response, location of the command post and staging location. This information will be relayed to the IST leader, who will then contact the appropriate team members and have them respond to the designated staging area. The IST will provide Command and General Staff postions plus needed unit leaders to provide an immediate impact to the response once on scene. The IST comes to the scene to bring experience, staffing, planning capabilities and most importantly providing a safe response for all. The IST’s key principle is to augment and assist the local jurisdiction’s resource and not to replace them. At no time would the Incident Support Team take command of the response. Command of the response will always rest with the local jurisdictions and their officials.


What does SW MO IST provide?

An Incident Support Team will provide support to a large emergency by providing highly skilled Command and General Staff and unit leaders. This will provide needed staff to organize, manage and document incident objectives. The IST staff will provide critical documentation such as Situation Status, Resource Status, and a written Incident Action Plan. This will allow the Incident Commander to have the needed information to move the response forward in a safe and effective manner.

One of the key benefits that an Incident Support team can provide, is incident documentation. State and Federal Emergency Management reimbursements require extensive and specific response information to be provided in order to recieve full reimbursement for response activities. This has proven to be challenging at best for most jurisdictions. The documentation, situation and resource status that is an integral part of the Incident Action Plan developed by the IST may help the jurisdiction in having the needed information and documentation to assist in this process. Also the Administration and Finance Section can assist in tracking financial information so the jurisdiction is up to date on the financial impact of the response.


How is SW MO IST credentialed?


How is the SW MO IST funded?

Southwest Missouri Incident Support Team receives funding from several sources. Funding for initial and ongoing equipment and training has been provided by Missouri Region D Regional Homeland Security Oversight Committee. This has included approximately $60,000 to $70,000 per year in funding since 2007. We also receive in-kind funding from Redings Mill Fire Protection District and Springfield-Greene County (MO) Office of Emergency Management for providing man hours, maintenance, insurance and vehicles to transport team equipment. In fact we receive in-kind funding from over 30 Missouri agencies when they allow their staff members to participate as team members and serve the state and nation on deployments. Funding for operational expenses (fuel, food and lodging) has been developed by our team members donating 10% of any reimbursements they receive back to the team. We can’t thank our volunteer team members enough for donating a portion of the small amount of reimbursement they receive in order to keep our team working when a state or national disaster strikes. Southwest Missouri Incident Support Team is currently a Missouri Non-Profit Corporation and is in the process of receiving their IRS 501(C)(3) non-profit status.

Region D Homeland Security Oversight Committee


How do I join the SW MO Incident Team?

MIMS Application Process