What is EMAC?

The Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC), established in 1996, has weathered the storm when tested and stands today as the cornerstone of the nation’s mutual aid system. EMAC offers assistance during governor-declared states of emergency through a responsive, straightforward system that allows states to send personnel, equipment, and commodities to help disaster relief efforts in other states.

The strength of EMAC and the quality that distinguishes it from other plans and compacts lie in its governance structure; its relationship with federal organizations, states, counties, territories, and regions; the willingness of states and response and recovery personnel to deploy; and the ability to move any resource one state wishes to utilize to assist another state.

Through EMAC, states are able to join forces and help one another when they need it the most: whenever disaster strikes!


What is the Process?

EMAC is the state-to-state mutual aid system that allows assets and resources to easily cross state lines to assist those in need. The SW MO IST stands ready to assist with EMAC requests.  We work hard to be ready to assist those hit by disasters and we always take away great lessons learned to make the next deployment a little better.

Any resource deploying through EMAC is coordinated at the state level.  Typically this state-to-state coordination occurs through the state emergency management agency.  Every state has an EMAC point of contact that is familiar with the necessary documentation.  To make an EMAC request, contact the state EMAC point of contact and list specifically the resources and assets that are needed for the response and/or recovery efforts.  The closer the resources line up with FEMA resource typing, the easier the administration for submitting the request.


 Can I specifically request SW MO IST through EMAC?

Yes. When contacting the state EMAC point of contact, yan can specifically indentify SW MO IST in your resource request.


SW MO IST’s Past EMAC Deployments

The SW MO IST was requested, through the EMAC process, to support public safety missions, assist with human needs, and coordinate critical infrastructure repairs, that resulted from the devastating category-5 hurricane, known as Hurricane Sandy. SW MO IST spent 11 days in the Nassau County Emergency Operations Center coordinating response efforts with local, state, and federal assets.